talking on mute.

so, my neighbors brought up that i didn’t talk for two months straight and basically said they know i am “mentally incapacitated,” then told me i need to lose weight by starving even though we don’t have much money for food right now and i have an illness that is exacerbated by not eating enough. i have been almost to the point of needing hospitalized for the last two days because i was dehydrating faster than i could drink and losing the little bit of food i did eat from the severity of the muscle spasms i get.

this is why i don’t like people. i am back to almost not talking again.

hand carved wands, staffs, and walking sticks

christian and i are making hand carved wands, staffs, and walking sticks to help support ourselves and to pay for school. each piece is entirely hand carved from wood we have collected locally, sanded, and finished.

if anyone is interested, you can email us at even if you can’t or don’t want to purchase a wand, staff, or walking stick, we would really appreciate a reblog.

i fell when we went swimming and i thought i didn’t hurt anything. i was wrong.

i don’t know if i just tend to trust the wrong people or what, but this shit is ridiculous.

someone is fucking shooting and i really doubt they were shooting at a fox.

i really just wanted some friends, but i always pick the wrong ones. or maybe it is just me and i am the problem, but i don’t know.

music tag!


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you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. then pass this on to 10 people. one rule: no skipping”

  1. Whiteout - Christophe Beck
  2. Oaken’s Sauna
i am on my phone so can’t do this exactly right, but here are the songs: letters to you - finch classy girls - the lumineers do you know what i’m seeing? - panic at the disco starfuckers, inc. - nin lithium - nirvana she talks to angels (cover) - counting crows holland road - mumford & sons liquid state - muse only wanna be with you - hootie & the blowfish glycerine - bush all your reasons - matchbox 20 helena - my chemical romance kryptonite - three doors down the distance - cake dust - augustana easily - red hot chili peppers echo - trapt effect and cause - the white stripes even if it kills me - motion city soundtrack every night - imagine dragons

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back to head down and mouth shut. as soon as i start getting okay with people, they pull shit. just proves i can’t have friends unless i am willing to participate in their drama.

had to take the back way to the library to avoid the fucking cops.

i didn’t give them consent to search my shit. they wouldn’t answer my questions. douchebag tried to convince me to sit in his car while he searched mine. got pissed when i wouldn’t stop asking why he was searching my shit.

i’m half-mexican in tennessee and for some fucked up reason i stupidly believed this wouldn’t be an issue. republican programs on every television down here, even in burger king. the constant wave of racist language spewing forth from almost everyone you encounter.

i am scared and i am fucking angry.

are police required to tell you why they are searching your car? no warrant, refused to answer any questions, didn’t have consent.

I was pulled over for a headlight out, which I was heading right then into town to fix. He demanded that I step out of the car and began to put gloves on. When I asked what he was doing he said searching the car. When I asked why, he refused to answer me. I persisted, he told me “it’s what I do” and smirked. I asked for clarification, he repeated the same answer and told me to stop asking. He then tried to get me to sit in his car while he went through my things, including my purse.

My car was just illegally searched by two police officers in Tennessee. If I don’t make another post shortly, I have been arrested falsely.